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    Documents with hyperlinks not opening in Acrobat

    aj159 Level 1

      I've been having a few issues recently when opening a PDF which contains a hyperlink in Acrobat.

      We generate a lot of PDF invoices which contain a link to a Paypal account so the customer can pay their invoice. It appears ok when previewing the document through Chrome but when the PDF is double clicked to view it in Acrobat, nothing loads. I've tried this with a few documents with similar links and it looks like Acrobat is trying to open it as the file is 'in use' when I try to delete it but it never actually opens it.


      Has anyone else experienced this? I've tried uninstalling Acrobat and reinstalling it and have checked for updates but am still having issues. I wasn't sure if there was something within Acrobat which needs to be selected to view these documents.


      Any help would be appreciated!