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    Active state button works on 3 of 4

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      To start I explain shortly how the website is build up. It's a vertiial scrolling page with 4 parts acting as pages


      I have made a top menu with 4 buttons (this was imported using the Menu widget from Muse)

      It's a horizontal layout menu with      ''button 1"  "button 2"  "button 3"  "button 4"

      Hyperlinked to these buttons is achor with according name.

      All buttons refer to a certain part in the page (by adding anchors) Anchors have the according name to the buttons

      The parts are on 4 different layers, the according achors are placed on the same layer.


      I made some active states for all buttons in same way. They have a state for rollover and a state for active.

      When I preview the site in browser everything woks fine. This means it scrolls to the right anchor, the rollover works fine for all 4 buttons, BUT only the active state on "button 4" isn't working.

      When I rollover "button 4" the rollover works, when I click the button, it scrolls to the right part of the website, but the Acitve state is nowhere to be seen...instead it gives an active state to "button 3". ....????....

      Scrolling to the right part (anchored) is not working either.


      What's going on?

      I hope I described clear enough.