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    Album sharing


      I have exhausted all avenues to solve the issue I have and I refuse to call or chat with Adobe support because that has been (for me at least) an excruciating experience. Also because it is pretty small issue, albeit annoying.


      I use the Andriod version of LR CC mobile and when I first shared an album, the options window gave me the choices of email, text message, etc. I chose email the link at that time. It then asked me to make that the default app, which I inadvertently selected as yes. Now I cannot go back and change that setting. I want to be able to text/SMS the link to share the entire album and cannot.


      If I go into the album and select individual image/s and click on the share icon, it lets me choose the app to share with, but the album link does not.


      I would appreciate any help or feedback.