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    Error message when submitting an app to the AppStore

    infosp1501 Level 1

      After submission of an app compiled with AIR 28 SDK,  I receive the following message:


      Missing Asset Catalog - Your app is missing the asset catalog file in 'Dis moi !.app'.


      Does anybody know how to solve this issue?


      Thks in advance for your answers.

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          Did you find an answer? I have encountered the same issue.

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            Ender22 Level 1

            Check out the iOS SDK Upgrade section of the air 28 release notes for info on how to add assets.car
            11/16/2017 - Beta - AIR

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              restoscreen Level 1



              I am upgrading from Flex 4.16.0 AIR 24 to Flex 4.16.1 AIR 28.

              I created Assets.car file using this website: Generate ios、android app ICON and Assets.car online

              and I added it to my project in the same place as Default-568h@2x.png.

              I also added <assetsCar>Assets.car</assetsCar>  to myproject-app.xml.

              I am using iOS8.1 and Flash Builder (Windows 10).


              The app packaging ends with this scary error message:


              Error occurred while packaging the application:

              final section layout:

                  __TEXT/__text addr=0x0000A820, size=0x02C035C0, fileOffset=0x00006820, type=1

                  __TEXT/__picsymbolstub4 addr=0x02C0DDE0, size=0x000028A0, fileOffset=0x02C09DE0, type=28

                  __TEXT/__stub_helper addr=0x02C10680, size=0x00001E54, fileOffset=0x02C0C680, type=32

                  __TEXT/__gcc_except_tab addr=0x02C124D4, size=0x00031708, fileOffset=0x02C0E4D4, type=0

                  __TEXT/__cstring addr=0x02C43BE0, size=0x00025B3F, fileOffset=0x02C3FBE0, type=13

                  __TEXT/__objc_methname addr=0x02C6971F, size=0x00009CFC, fileOffset=0x02C6571F, type=14

                  __TEXT/__objc_classname addr=0x02C7341B, size=0x0000066F, fileOffset=0x02C6F41B, type=14

                  __TEXT/__objc_methtype addr=0x02C73A8A, size=0x000152F9, fileOffset=0x02C6FA8A, type=14

                  __TEXT/__const addr=0x02C88D90, size=0x0053EF3A, fileOffset=0x02C84D90, type=0

                  __TEXT/__ustring addr=0x031C7CCA, size=0x00000328, fileOffset=0x031C3CCA, type=16

                  __DATA/__nl_symbol_ptr addr=0x031C8000, size=0x00004154, fileOffset=0x031C4000, type=29

                  __DATA/__la_symbol_ptr addr=0x031CC154, size=0x00000A28, fileOffset=0x031C8154, type=27

                  __DATA/__mod_init_func addr=0x031CCB7C, size=0x00000028, fileOffset=0x031C8B7C, type=33

                  __DATA/__const addr=0x031CCBB0, size=0x00087CF0, fileOffset=0x031C8BB0, type=0

                  __DATA/__cfstring addr=0x032548A0, size=0x00001B50, fileOffset=0x032508A0, type=17

                  __DATA/__objc_classlist addr=0x032563F0, size=0x00000100, fileOffset=0x032523F0, type=0

                  __DATA/__objc_catlist addr=0x032564F0, size=0x0000002C, fileOffset=0x032524F0, type=24

                  __DATA/__objc_protolist addr=0x0325651C, size=0x00000040, fileOffset=0x0325251C, type=0

                  __DATA/__objc_imageinfo addr=0x0325655C, size=0x00000008, fileOffset=0x0325255C, type=0

                  __DATA/__objc_const addr=0x03256568, size=0x0000811C, fileOffset=0x03252568, type=0

                  __DATA/__objc_selrefs addr=0x0325E684, size=0x000013F4, fileOffset=0x0325A684, type=15

                  __DATA/__objc_classrefs addr=0x0325FA78, size=0x00000244, fileOffset=0x0325BA78, type=23

                  __DATA/__objc_superrefs addr=0x0325FCBC, size=0x000000D4, fileOffset=0x0325BCBC, type=0

                  __DATA/__objc_ivar addr=0x0325FD90, size=0x00000648, fileOffset=0x0325BD90, type=0

                  __DATA/__objc_data addr=0x032603D8, size=0x00000A00, fileOffset=0x0325C3D8, type=0

                  __DATA/__data addr=0x03260DE0, size=0x0001AF3C, fileOffset=0x0325CDE0, type=0

                  __DATA/__bss addr=0x0327BD20, size=0x00002F50, fileOffset=0x00000000, type=25

                  __DATA/__common addr=0x0327EC70, size=0x00012194, fileOffset=0x00000000, type=25

              ld: b/bl/blx ARM branch out of range (-33554433 max is +/-32MB): from _AOTBuildOutput-0000000001_3:15496:spark.components::HGroup/removeEventListener (0x027F2688) to __ZN8halfmoon5Stubs6do_eqsEPN7avmplus11MethodFrameEPNS1_6StringES5_.island.2@0x00000000 (0x01C0BBCC) in '_AOTBuildOutput-0000000001_3:15496:spark.components::HGroup/removeEventListener' from AOTBuildOutput-0000000001_3_75.o for architecture armv7



              Please HELP!


              Thank you