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    How can I install the ExtendScript toolkit?

    AndrewG8 Level 1

      I want to write scripts for Illustrator. My copy of Illustrator CC 2018 on my iMac is installed and running perfectly, so I thought I could just get working on scripts.


      Adobe's scripting guide at https://wwwimages2.adobe.com/content/dam/acom/en/devnet/illustrator/pdf/AI_ScriptGd_2017.p df says, on page 9, that the ExtendScript toolkit can be found on my Mac at the location


      system drive:Applications:Utilities:Adobe Utilities CC:ExtendScript Toolkit CC



      But it’s not there. In /Applications/Utilities there are multiple Adobe files and folders, but none named “Adobe Utilities CC”. There is “Adobe Utilities - CS6”, which is apparently a legacy from my old copy of Illustrator CS6, and there’s the “ExtendScript Toolkit CS6” inside of that, but that’s dated from 2015. I would like to be using the current CC version, which isn’t there. I searched this directory, as well as the Illustrator application directory, but aside from the CS6 version, there’s nothing with the word “ExtendScript” in there.


      Can someone help me either locate ExtendScript Toolkit CC, or download a working version?