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    Where does the actual image file live???


      Okay so here is my question...


      When I take a photo with my phone within the Adobe Lightroom CC App. Where does the actual file for the photo live? Does it take up storage on my phone or doe sit completely and entirely live ion the cloud? The reason I ask is because I take a lot of nature photos with my smartphone and sometimes I am in spots where there is no service.


      Also, lets say I delete the app or my phone gets destroyed, are the photos gone?


      and top of that concern is lets say if the actual files do live on the phone and I want to clear storage y deleting some of the photos..it only gives me the option to delete that photo from all devices and its gone forever.

      Can someone help me to understand how this all works a little better?

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          Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This depends. When you have just shot the image and it hasn't uploaded yet (no wifi and bad cell service for example), the image only exists on your phone. Then when you get to wifi and you let Lightroom sync, it gets uploaded to the cloud. Now the man copy lives in the cloud and your phone might have a local copy until it decides that you haven't wanted to work with that image for a while and it will delete the local copy on your phone. At that point you only have a copy on the cloud that your phone or another copy of CC might download when it needs it. You can also force your phone to keep a local copy of any specific image if you like.

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            Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Oh and indeed whenever you delete an image in CC it is deleted everywhere. This is because the catalog always lives on the cloud and is synchronized between all devices. The only time an image is only on one device is before it has synced up and it is still in limbo at that point. Deleting that image at that point will also delete it from all devices although that is philosophical of course because it never was on any other device.

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