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    Loading one swf throws the rest off

    jl2000 Level 1
      Hi - I hope I can explain this adequately because it's so bizarre.

      I have a series of "Topic" swfs being loaded into a container called mcHolder. I'm using MovieClipLoader to do this. Most of these external swfs have FLVs in them but a few are "Review" questions swfs. The Review swfs use attachMovie to pull thier question/answer mcs onto the stage.

      The Topics and Reviews are all called with the same MCLoader into the same mcHolder, at the same level, from the same menu. BUT once I open a Review swf - no subsequent swf will appear in the correct position on the stage. It's as if the Review swf "zero'd out" the coordinates for mcHolder.

      I don't even know where to begin to trouble shoot this, or what code I should be attaching here to look for mistakes.
      Help, please. Has this ever happened to anyone before? Can anyone explain what might be happening? This is breaking my entire project into rubble.