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    LR CC newbie: Empty backup folders altho successfully synced


      Hello - please help a LR newbie. I'm running LR CC Mobile on an iPad Pro 10.5. On my Mac desktop I have installed LR Classic and LR CC although I'm trying to use only LR CC in order to best take advantage of cloud functionality. When I import files (both RAW and jpg) to the iPad via camera connection kit and process them in LR Mobile, the files sync successfully back and forth between the mobile app and the desktop app. Right now on the mobile app under "cloud storage" it says that 11 photos were backed up. Those are the 11 images that are successfully syncing between the iPad and the Mac desktop. Here's the issue: out of curiosity I opened the CC app. I expected to see the 11 images. But all I see are two folders; "From iPad" and "From Photoshop." Both are empty. Shouldn't I be seeing the 11 images somewhere on CC, viewed either via the web page or folder? The files are syncing properly between devices. Thanks!

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          UPDATE: I just discovered the answer (I told you I was a newbie!) For whatever reason, when I open the CC web page the default view is "files." What I eventually found is that clicking on my name in the upper right reveals a page on which I can select "LR Photos" from the "Assets" column. My backed up images are there. I feel kind of silly for posting a solution to my own problem but perhaps this might help someone else.