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    Walk Behavior Strange Issue


      Hello all. 


      I'm encountering this strange issue with walk behaviour where it doesn't activate.  It's happening to a project I've created and rigged.  At first I thought it was because I made some sort of mistake creating and rigging the character, but then I discovered that it exists even when I use the official Adobe templates.  I've uploaded a video to illustrate the issue.  In the video, you'll see that I open up a template (Maddy) with working walk behaviour.  As soon as I delete the walk behaviour and re-add it, it stops working.  I've tried deleting and re-installing CA but no dice.  Not sure why it is doing that and any help would be appreciated.  Thanks!



      character animator walk issue - YouTube



      Mac Pro | OSX 10.13.1 | Character Animator 1.1