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    Photoshop burush offset


      Hi there...


      Lets see, I have been trying to find solution to my HUION H950P pen being off set. Before to start to describe the issue I have to said that I have been in contact with HUION support and they have been really helpfull but, we are failing to find the why. I have found 2 walk around but, they are not a solution.


      The pen is only offset in PS, not in LR or any other program, just in PS and when I draw, when I click menus, change tools and move layers there is not an issue.


      This is my monitor configuration:


      Being the monitor number 1 the primary. PS for some reason reads the coordinates (I insist) only when drawing like if the pen was in monitor 2, since I have to draw all the way up to the top of that monitor before the line appears in monitor 1.


      When I change the monitors to this other configuration, the pen works as intended:




      As you can imagine this is breaking my work flow and it is confusing but, this proves that PS is reading the coordinates from the top left but, again ONLY when drawing. I have been doing a deep research and there is a lot of people with different tablets brands having this issue.


      I have found 2 walk around without the need to change the monitors position to the image number 2...


      1. If I leave the monitors as I normally have it (Picture number 1) and I select monitor 2 as primary monitor this issue is not longer a problem, all works as intended no matter if PS is in monitor 1, 2 or 3 but, again this is breaking my work flow and once more a prove that PS is reading from that top left the coordinates.


      2. The program named Lazy Nezumi PRO has an option which fix the pen offset. That program cost 35dollars and also, only fix the brush... The clone and the healing brush tool f.e. doesn't work.


      I have also been reading that Adobe flash had a simillar issue for a long time so, hopefully you guys can apply a similar fix to PS. This can't be a driver issue. The HUION H950P is a new version which includes Windows ink option, I have also been testing different drivers still in BETA version (Meaning they are not out as an offcial release) that the support in HUION has been sending me to try out. As I said in the begining, they have been really helpfull but, I am so sorry I believe this is an Adobe issue since there is not any other software that I have tried having the same issue, LR is always open in my monitor number 3 and no matter how I change the monitors or which monitor I choose to have as a primary, LR tools (Brush, healing, etc..) reads the pen as intended... Why??