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    What is the best Hard drive setup? Changing out all my drives.

    crammond999 Level 1

      It is time for me to completely change out all my drives as they are getting a bit old and some are already showing warnings.


      In 95% of the time I use my computer for video editing


      My motherboard is Asrock Z77 Extreme6, I have 2x PCI-Express 3.0x16 slots and 2x PCI-Express 2.0x1 slots. One (cant check at the moment) is being used for my graphics card, others are free to use for m.2 SSDs.


      I'd like to keep and use my old Samsung 830 256GB SSD if it can be of use.


      The setup I have in mind is like this:


      drive 1:  SSD Samsung 850EVO 500GB for OS, programs

      drive 2:  SSD Samsung 850PRO 500GB for all the original media files (clips I shoot, audio, photos, etc) in current projects that are being edited at the moment (some edits take up to 2 weeks) and premiere project files

      drive 3: my old Samsung 830 256GB for Media cache, previews, scratch disk

      drive 4: HDD for export


      Would you do it any other way? From what I'm seeing, PRO version is about 15% faster than the EVO, which is fast enough for me.


      Are there any benefits of using an SSD for exporting? I was thinking of going with HGST 7k6000 2TB drive for exporting but if a SSD can lower the export time enough for me to notice, should I get another SSD 850EVO 500GB for that?

      Or maybe use that 850 EVO for media cache, previews, scratch and use my Samsung 830 for exporting? I don't know


      The rest of the 4 drives I'm planing to buy are used for different things (photo stuff, personal stuff, downloads, etc) and I have that under control.


      I don't want any raid configs at the moment


      Thanks for helping me out.


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