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    Lightroom CC only syncing 20 photos at a time




      I'm trying to integrate the new Lightroom CC into my workflow for the first time and I'm finding it incredibly frustrating. I've imported several cards worth of photos into Lightroom CC over the past few days (about 2000 photos so far), and I keep waiting for them to sync. I'm leaving the laptop on at night and everything, hoping all the photos will finally sync. They haven't yet and I've spent some time this morning on these forums seeing if there's any tricks. I've now tried to select all of the "still syncing" photos, setting them to 0 or 1 star rating, and getting to resync. That seems to work, but I've realized it's actually only working 20 photos at a time! It will successfully sync 20 photos (going from 1712 to 1692, most recently), then get stuck! Then I have to pause syncing, re-select the unsynced photos, reflag them, then resume syncing. It then syncs 20 more photos, and gets stuck again. This is completely unmanageable. Any ideas? Time to give up on Lightroom CC and just head back to classic?