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    Where can I find Photoshop Elements 14?

    gfbugaboo Level 1

      I've been using Phototshop Elements 6 for years, and decided that, with a new camera in hand, it was time to upgrade. I went to the Adobe website and was thrilled to see that they were running a special for $59, instead of the usual $99. I was just about to click to buy it, when I decided (fortunately) to check the system requirements, where I discovered that it only runs on 64-bit computers. Not only do I have a 32-bit laptop, but the processor does not support 64-bit operating systems, so I don't even have the option to install one (I'm running Windows 7). Adobe does have a downloadable version 14 on its website, but it's only usable if you already have a license for that version, which of course I don't. I asked via chat (took an hour) whether I could buy the current 64-bit version and use that license for 14, and was told that I could not. And of course, Adobe won't sell me version 14. I was told that I would have to buy a new computer with a 64-bit system in order to purchase Photoshop Elements! (I guess my measly $59 or $99, or being a customer, means nothing to them.) I did find it on Amazon, from third-party sellers, all but one of which did not have great customer ratings; the one that did was charging $111 for it. Does anyone know of any other options for obtaining Elements 14 (heck, even 13 or 12 would be improvements over what I have)?