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    RH 2017 - Hosting WebHelp/Online Help in the cloud/Internet

    Tejas Dandekar Level 1

      I have a question. Currently we have an application/software hosted on a server. Users access it via a browser. The help is integrated with the application/software as part of the build. This has been very crazy because the product build is dependent on the documentation output and vice versa. With resource crunch, emergencies, and typical late-breaking updates this becomes a nightmare to handle.


      We want to continue to use RH source as we do but we want to be able to push/publish the output to a cloud-based server. So that help can be accessed via Internet. The help integration with product build can be then discontinued except for the mapids for the context-sensitive pages. Help updates can be pushed silently without disturbing product builds.

      Context-sensitive help calls will invoke the cloud/Internet-based help.


      Any pointers/suggestions on any pocket-friendly solutions would help.