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    How do I save paths made by pen tool? Photoshop CS6

    huili2102 Level 1

      I have just started working on a project and after completing it, I saved the file as PSD. When I went back to check on it the next day,all the paths I have drawn using the pen tool is gone. I have two questions regarding this.


      1) Is it possible to retrieve the path created?

      2) How do i save paths made by the pen tool to prevent it from happening again?


      Below is the project for reference, I am using CS6.

      Dragon playground copy.jpg

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          Barbara Ash Adobe Community Professional

          Once you close a Photoshop document, you cannot retrieve the paths that were created and lost.

          However, you can prevent it from happening again.

          Once you draw a path and it is active (selected), it will be represented in the Paths panel as "Work Path."

          To save the path you need to do 2 things:

          • Double-click on Work Path and give it a name.
          • Save the Photoshop document.
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