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    Adobes current position on 3D PDF

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      As part of the British Geological Survey we generate a lot of three dimensional data and sometimes this is delivered in the form of 3D PDF. As I understand at this present time Adobe have no plans to remove the 3d annotation environment \ functionality in future releases of Acrobat \ Acrobat Reader. Could you please confirm what Adobes current standing on this is? If there have been any announcements regarding this (which we may have missed) I would be grateful if you could point these out.

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          I am using 3D PDF and I don't hear something about the stop of the 3D annotation. They decided in the past to not continue to provide tools to convert 3D data to 3D PDF (thsi is nos managed by external plugIns), but I think there is no interest for them to stop the use and the promotion of 3D PDF as this format is not clearly recognized as one of the best way to exchange easily 3D documents...But maybe I miss something too