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    Lightroom CC high mobile data usage!!!

    mariusm1153861 Level 1

      Hi guys!

      This is my first post here.

      So, I am testing lightroom mobile and CC desktop to see if a workflow like this would suit me.


      In a very short month lightroom used up 19GB of mobile data and 13 GB of wifi on my phone.

      The weird thing is Cloud storage shows only 502mb used. So where did that data went?And where the heck are

      my photos stored if my cloud storage is only 502mb used?



      Just checked now and I have about 4000 84GB total raw files. These files were synced from lightroom classic to lightroom mobile, but at the moment that syncing is off. When I open a photo from Lightroom CC to Photoshop the photo is brought to Windows Temp folder, but I have no idea where from? Where is it stored if Lightroom Classic is not synced anymore?


      I hope someone would understand what I am trying to say, I had to write this really fast.