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    iPad Pro Lr App Raw image quality - am I doing something wrong??


      Hellooo.....I have shot in raw (only raw no jpeg duplicates) using my dslr and then imported directly to iPad. Having seen in the photos app where I imported the images that I can view them I automatically cleared them off my SD card. Then when going to view them the picture quality was terrible...like....2006 camera phone spread onto at 13 inch screen kinda look. So I then used Lightroom iPad app to open the images and while they were slightly less horrible the quality is nowhere near what I would expect. It's not crisp and all sharp lines vanish when you zoom in. The jpegs I have shot have better zoom power than this. I'm worried as I'm travelling with my dslr and iPad Pro only with no access to desktop versions. These were some of my best shots that I may not be able to retake - have I f*cked up? is there something else I can do or should I attempt to recover the deleted photos from my SD card and try again? What can I do for the future?

      im attempting to take some real fancy shots as a travel photographer wannabe and told to shoot in raw...but if I can't save them to the iPad/iCloud is it even worth it? I'm out for 4 months so I have to be able to import and upload them for safekeeping.