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    Assigning NO color profile

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      Im working on an illustrator CC file and i have to save it as an .EPS with NO color profile. so I do my work and the I do "dont color manage this document" and then save is as an EPS HOWEVER, when i go to re- open this file in illustrator cc again, i can see that the same file i just saved opens again with a profile. So now I dont know if the original file i save actually saved with NO profile assigned or maybe it just didn't work? In illustrator CS6 I would do the same thing and my EPS files with no color profile assigned ( dont color manage  this document) would in fact re open as untagged. Illustrator CC always re opens with a color profile assigned to it as if i never did anything to it in the first place. Can someone tell me why? or what im doing wrong? Doe it have anything to do with OCC profile and EPS? why did it work in CS6 and not in CC?



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          One thing you are possibly doing wrong is to (perhaps) assume that “do not color manage this document” doesn’t use any profile for the document. It's not really a valid way to work I'm afraid because things happen in the background you may not be aware of.


          For Photoshop / illustrator or any colourmanagement compatible Adobe app to display a file on-screen there has to be a conversion to the display colourspace (the display profile is used for this), But where does the colour come FROM, what is used as the source in this conversion - there HAS to be a document profile as source here.


          So when “do not color manage this document” is selected, the application presumes a default working colour space [see color settings], either RGB or CMYK, for the document.

          That means when viewing on-screen (e.g. with US default settings) you are likely viewing your data as if it was either SWOP coated or sRGB.

          Since those colourspaces may not suit your final print destination, thats not good practice. It';s better to take control.


          It's fine (but not recommended) to not tag (save without an profile embedded) to send files out but its good to control the provenance of those  files  rather than let Adobe make presumptions.


          I hope that doesn’t cause any error in your workflow, but it is worth understanding.


          I realise, though, that my comment above doesn’t solve your query.


          I understand what you’re trying to achieve, to get illustrator CC match the behaviour of illustrator 6, I presume google has come up empty of solutions, so I’m afraid someone else will have to answer that riddle for you.


          I hope this helps

          if so, please do mark my reply as "helpful"


          neil barstow, colourmanagement

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            thedigitaldog MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            Exactly, in ICC (color managed) applications, there is no 'No color management', untagged images are assumed to be in some color space. Usually sRGB but the point is, that could be a incorrect assumption. Hence, we tag (embed) the huge pile of RGB or CMYK numbers with a profile that defines their scale (meaning). R23/G98/124 is meaningless without a scale (sRGB, Adobe RGB (1998), Printer RGB etc.)

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