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    All "Play" controls disabled

    BillRab Level 1
      I'm a brand-new Flash user who has just installed Flash CS3. I've done a couple of tutorials and today bought a copy of "Flash CS3 Professional Visual Quickstart Guide."

      I've gotten into a situation that neither this book nor the online help seems to address:

      In my Control menu, all of the items related to playing the movie (except Test Movie and Test Scene) are disabled. I cannot Play, Rewind, Go to End, or Step Forward or Backward One Frame. The period and comma keys don't do anything. Also, the buttons on the Controller toolbar are all disabled, and I cannot move the Playhead manually. It's "stuck" in Frame 1.

      I closed Flash and then re-opened this .fla file. The result is the same--the playback controls are still disabled.

      (BTW, Control > Test Movie works, and my movie plays as expected. But I want to inspect things in a specific frame.)

      I'd appreciate advice on how I managed to get into this situation, and what to do to remedy the problem.