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    What's This? Help in Webhelp?

    jhaystead Level 1
      I'm in the process of bringing a FrameMaker book through RoboHelp. The FrameMaker book is basically an instruction manual / user guide for a software program. Previously, this software has utilized your basic HTML Help, compiled with an HTML Help editor, and utilizing "What's This?" field level context sensitive help. Going through RoboHelp documentation, I've seen many references that "field-level help is not available in WebHelp, only in HTML Help". Is there a way to get the same type of context-sensitive help in WebHelp? I have my RoboHelp project all lined up and ready to go, with all the necessary topics assigned to Map ID's. Will the developer of the software simply be able to take these Map ID's, call them out in his source code wherever needed (as was done previously for What's This? help)? Or will he not be able to do that, and the best we can get in WebHelp is window-level context sensitive help?

      I'm fairly new to both FrameMaker and RoboHelp, and have learned mostly through experimenting and going through the product documentation, so in my case the simplest explanation of the process of getting What's This? Help in WebHelp will be the best!

      Thanks for any help/input!