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    Disappointed at 2 device restriction


      I've been a member of the Lightroom+photoshop plan (£8.97 originally, now £9.99/month) for a year or two.


      I found I was using lightroom less and less - in part because an increasing proportion of photos are from my mobile (iPhone 7+)/ carrying SLR less to travel more lightweight, and also because my computing style has become very cloud based. I use multiple devices - a Windows desktop PC (less), a macbook pro for work, and a Microsoft surface (windows) as my tablet/lightweight computing, finally my IOS device. (and also a watch...)


      So I was close to canceling, and then came the big lightroom cc announcement. reading the marketing material I started to feel this was EXACTLY what I was looking for. Cloud based, cross device. Edit anywhere. PERFECT. I had a chat with support.. and a few days later decided to take up the 50% discount offer to upgrade to the 1TB plan (I have about 0.5TB photos)


      I tried to use CC to migrate my catalog
      - hit issues with tmp space (100s of GB needed) on C: (it's a small SSD), but as an IT professional I leveraged NTFS junctions to work around this (poor show from the SW)
      - during the initial migration attempts the app crashed or hung at various points
      - I finally got migration underway.. and this is where I am a week later, still waiting. AND THAT IS FINE.. I know my upload is only 20 Mbps (not that CC seems to be taking it alL)
      - I installed lightroom CC on my macbook pro, and my desktop

      UNTIL I was travelling, and figured I'd install CC on my windows surface too


      OH NO.. I hit a two device restriction. Now I know this was the case with traditional lightroom but never for ONE SECOND did I think that applied to the cloud version. Read the marketing info. It's all about ANY DEVICE, ANYWHERE. mobile (a surface IS mobile),


      I feel very let down. I've been missold. I'm struggling with seeing where the value is here... if it's cloud I want PROPER access anywhere. I even know some of the function is more limited, but it's about workflow, the way I use my systems.. and l;ightroom CC is MISSING here.


      So where exactly is the two device limit CLEARLY shown. I certainly don't see it in the top level adverts.


      Seriously thinking now whether in fact lightroom CC is a something I can't use in it's current form, and I've been missold. Where exactly is the value add over iPhones, perhaps I should just buy another mac instead of an adobe subscription......











      Comments welcome