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    Scroll-able movieClip on the stage in HTML5 with Adobe Animate

    popolino17 Level 1

      Hey guys,

      I would like to add vertical scroll functionality to MovieClip object on the stage in HTML5 mode with Adobe Animate.

      The stage dimentions are 1366x768 px.

      The myMovieClip dimentions are 600x1280 px (Higher than stage!!!)

      I was try this code below but unsuccesful.


      var stage = new createjs.Stage("canvas");

      this.createjs.Ticker.addEventListener("tick", tick)


      var offset = new createjs.Point();

      function startDrag(event) {

          offset.x = stage.mouseX - exportRoot.myMovieClip.x;

          offset.y = stage.mouseY - exportRoot.myMovieClip.y;

          event.addEventListener("mousemove", doDrag);



      function doDrag(event) {

          exportRoot.myMovieClip.x = event.stageX - offset.x;

          exportRoot.myMovieClip.y = event.stageY - offset.y;



      function tick(event) {




      So, how can i add a scroll  to movieClip on the stage?