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    Text won't show / opacity does not change


      I have tried to use the search function; I can't seem to find my specific problem.
      So, a new topic. Sorry about that


      Ok. I am trying to create a simple website. I am making it responsive, and there are some 6 responsive breakpoints. And 1 fixed width breakpoint @ 1080px wide.
      This one is the one causing my headache.


      On the background I have a photo, the photo has a paralax affect to it. I am trying to get a text OVER the photo which scrolls with the website. And the photo needs to have a darkening overlay on top of it which needs to change it's opacity.


      As far as I know everything is set up correctly. And. It. Is. Not. Working.


      I'd love to place my screenshots. I can't seem to find a way of placing photo's here? Only external?


      I would LOVE some help here. It must be something simple and stupid. And those are the worst....


      Thank you in advance ladies & gentleman