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    Can I digitally sign a document that can be later split in separate documents but not edited?




      I am looking for a way that I can digitally sign a pdf document in such a way that it cannot be edited and shows the time and date it was signed, the catch is that I need to be able to split this document up for controls testing and audit purposes so it cannot be edited


      The point is to show that the document was created on a certain day, so that in the future at an auditor's request I can provide the subset of information required on the document, showing that it has not been modified, but not providing more information than requested by said auditor


      Is this action, or something similar, at all possible in Acrobat? Once I've certified or signed a document I cannot extract any part of it, but if it is not certified it can be edited by any user with Acrobat (including myself, so password protection alone is not sufficient)


      Thanks in advance!