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    Printing in Flash

    Baal Bebb Level 1
      Hi, I'm trying to print a certificate from flash when the user completes the module. Here is my actionscript code:

      printBtn.onRelease = function()
      var my_pj = new PrintJob();
      var myResult = my_pj.start();
      myResult = my_pj.addPage ("certclip", {printAsBitmap:true}, 1);
      delete my_pj;

      It prints ok. But depending on the printer settings it prints all over the place - sometimes left aligned, sometimes right aligned, never it appears in the center like i would like it. Does anyone know of a way, based on the code I'm using above (flash 7 player) to make sure the certificate prints the way i want it to print regardless of the users printer?
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          the only reliable way is to start your printjob, assess its properties (especially pageHeight and pageWidth and sometimes paperHeight and paperWidth), create a movieclip and customize that movieclip to contain exactly what you want laid-out exactly the way you want it and then add that to your printjob using the addPage parameters.