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    Touch Gestures Not Working

    brittanykald Level 1

      I recently updated to Photoshop CC 2018 on my Surface Pro 4. I am having issues with the touch gestures not working.

      I am able to move an image around the screen and I can zoom if I use the zoom tool or do it by percentage, but I can't do it with the pinch zoom gesture.


      That tipped me off to realize that none of the gestures are working for me currently. (Zoom, Rotate, Restore, Undo, etc)

      I looked through this page to see if it had any troubleshooting options and didn't find anything I could put to use.


      I have restarted photoshop and my computer to just try that. I would appreciate any help you guys can provide! Thank you!

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          Go you have Gestures enabled in Preferences?

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            JJMack Most Valuable Participant

            I have a Surface Pto 3 not 4.  In CC 2014 I can use touch to pan zoom and rotate etc.  However at time two finger rotate fails to function.  In CC 2018  pan ad zoom still seem to work where rotate I never seems to work  I'm not a fan of touch ant doe really use it.  I also does not see to be able to use the  three and five finger touch gestures   I hat to rebuild my Surface pro 3 and doe not know of I have the lateste bIntel display driber installed  CC 2017 crashes whem I try to use touch in  Photoshop's 3D Engine. I will dowmload the latest HD 5000 driver.



            The drivers on Intel site is not valid for the surface and microsoft update state my surface Pro 3 is up todate so CC 2017 crashes on me if I use touch screen touch.

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              brittanykald Level 1

              Yes I do have gestures enabled.

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                brittanykald Level 1

                And I haven't had any issues with gestures working before the update.

                I did have a frustration when some of them changed a while back(undo changed from two fingers to three), but never any issue with them just not working.

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                  JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                  I have issues on my Surface Pro 3 with touch in Photoshop.  In fact I just disable  touch in CC 2017 and now two finger touch works in CC 2017 for pan an zoom not rotate.  This does not bother me for I do not use Touch. When enabled in CC 2017 Photoshop Crashes CC 2014 doe not nether does cc 2018.  Rotate is a problem though at time it does not. In CC 2018 three and five finger touch seem to work where I have had problems in Cc 2014 with these.  Its not a problem for me.

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                    bendador Level 1

                    I'm using  mobile studio pro 13 and I have the same problem.

                    basic gestures such as navigation with 2 fingers, rotation and pinch zoom don't work.

                    this happened suddenly. there was no recent update for device drivers, photoshop or windows 10.


                    another thing that is weird is that wacom's 3-4-5 finger gestures are working fine. and I can use one finger to navigate, though it will some times lock navigation to a horizontal or a vertical axis. also, sometimes when using one finger to navigate it will draw a line instead.

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                      Pete.Green Adobe Employee

                      Hi Bendador, and Brittany,


                      Have either of you try resetting the Photoshop preferences to see if that reenables the touch gestures?


                      Reset Photoshop preferences: https://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/kb/basic-trouble-shooting-steps.html#prefs


                      According to the engineering team regarding gestures and trackpad support: "We don't support gestures on the trackpad.  All we get there are OS window gesture events which can be unreliable."


                      So if it's working on-screen, but not on trackpad, that is working as intended.

                      Hopefully this helps shed some light.


                      Let us know how it goes.



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                        bendador Level 1

                        resetting photoshop preferences didn't help.

                        what solved the problem was following a wacom's support guy who suggested to reset Windows10 to factory settings.

                        note I'm not referring to a trasck pad but to a touch screen on a tablet-PC.

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                          sheris97063093 Level 1

                          I have been having the same problem with my Dell laptop - every time Adobe CC updates (since Dec 2017) some (but not all) of the preferences change, and then the touch screen quits working. The only solution I've found is to reset all the Photoshop preferences - which I HATE doing - and then reset them all to MY preferences. And yes, Settings > Tools > Enable gestures is checked. Grrrr.. I use the touch screen CONSTANTLY to reposition my work. 

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                            brittanykald Level 1

                            Finally after months I figured out the problem!! Thankfully someone years ago had a similar problem!


                            This was the response: "Could it be to do with GPU Acceleration?  I ask because I can remember another SP3 user who described another issue with CC 2015 that sounded very like GPU acceleration had been disabled.   Preferences > Performance > GPU acceleration.  Make sure it is still turned on, and maybe set to Advanced in the Advanced tab."


                            Turns out my Graphics processor wasn't being used!


                            Edit > Preferences > Performance > Graphics Processor Settings and be sure to check the box for 'Use Graphics Processor.'


                            One little box.

                            One change that must have happened in an update of some sort because I know I didn't mess with it. I hope if anyone else is having this issue they can fix it now too! YAY!!!!!!!!

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                              bronwenp56454273 Level 1

                              PS 2018 reset a bunch of preferences so I had to go back in and hunt for this (AGAIN)... as it happened a couple of updates ago. Can we please sort this out?? Time is limited in a business as it is, without having to hunt through forums to reset preferences. Not happy.

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                                JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                                Many users here are not happy you should let Adobe know use Adobe Feedback site Photoshop Family Customer Community


                                This is a user forum...

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                                  Level 1

                                  Non riesco a salvare piu' niente con photoshop.





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