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    High Sierra conflicts with Acrobat

    ddunn@davidsdunn.com Level 1

      It appears that although Adobe says that Acrobat is compatible with the new Mac OS High Sierra, there is a growing list of issues when it comes to Acrobat JavaScript. The other day I found that the transparent option for colors is unavailable in the color dialog boxes, and is known to accompany High Sierra upgrades. Today I find that exportAsFDF( ) in various scripts is throwing a GeneralError: Operation failed.


      The things that I am finding defective are making it very difficult to work on scripts. I tried to work around this by deactivating my Acrobat DC in the Mac environment, and activating it in the Windows-under-Parallels environment, but it seems the same problems persist either way, apparently attributable to High Sierra.


      I'm on the verge of rolling back to Sierra but hoping for some assurance that there is reason to believe these issues will be resolved quickly. I would appreciate any insight or hope that the experts on this forum might offer on this subject.


      Thank you.