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    Workflow - CC & Classic


      Have recently installed new Lightroom, both Classic and CC, as well as migrated my old catalog. My question is; what is the intended workflow:

      In what program should you import new pictures? in Classic or CC?

      I assume it's CC so I get all photos to the cloud.

      The problem is that sync over to Classic (which is installed on the same computer) is painfully slow, a couple of pictures can take hours. What am I doing wrong?


      Regarding workflow:

      Where do you remove pictures? In CC or Classic, or do I must do it in both programs?

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          Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There are no good answers to your questions right now. There are advantages and disadvantages to any of the workflows. There are basically three options:


          1. Stick with Classic and use Lightroom CC for offline editing on iPad or on a separate laptop. This is the power user option where you import in Lightroom Classic by default and simply set collections of images to Sync to the cloud (they will be smart previews only in the cloud unfortunately as Adobe hasn't enabled full raw upload in Classic unfortunately). This will allow you to edit what you want, manage what is in the cloud and use iPads and extra computers to complement but you don't lose all the features of Classic that CC hasn't received yet (basically everything)


          2. Import in Lightroom Classic as above and then import again in CC. Lightroom Classic will in this case realize that the images showing up on the cloud are already present and simply link them instead of redownload. There is some opportunity of data loss in this scheme so tread carefully.


          2. Import in Lightroom CC only and allow that to sync back to Classic. As you have discovered, depending on your internet this is not a scalable workflow for more than a few images but it does prevent duplication and data loss.


          I stick to 1 and just treat CC as a port of mobile Lightroom to the desktop, so basically as if it is just an iPad app running on the desktop. This is no different than the situation before Lightroom got renamed to Classic and the mobile app got renamed.

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            anderso16081423 Level 1

            Ok thanks, I stick to option 1 then, its sound like something that would work for me...

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              Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Yes, only disadvantage is that you only get smart previews on the cloud. I have a feature request here to upload full raw from Classic: Lightroom Classic: Should be able to Sync full raw files to the cloud, not just smart previews | Photoshop Family Custom…

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                Lightroom Classic CC slow to create 1:1 Previews during import?


                It's a massive bug in 7.0.1! Roll back to 7.0.0 and you'll be back to normal.


                1. Launch the Adobe Creative Cloud app.

                2. On the Apps tab, click on the drop down arrow next to Lightroom Classic CC and choose Other Versions.

                3. Choose 7.0 and click Install

                4. Be amazed that Adobe could screw up Lightroom so badly but revel in the fact that you are working again.