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    Webmaster Succession


      I am a website designer. A new client, an older dentist, asked me about succession in case I am disenfranchised for any reason.

      Beyond the standard ID and Password for access,  are there any other formalities needed to take control of his website stored in my CC account?


      Thanks in advance for any info and insights,


      Richard Pierce


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          HMAM Level 4

          To continue making major changes they will need at the very least a license to Muse. We do this all the time.

          We show someone or several people how to use Muse only if and when it might become necessary.

          They like the knowledge knowing they have a little bit of control It hasn’t been and issue.


          We also let Them know we have several Muse experts from the Adobe Community that can take over if I or we all die...compared to Word Press it would be similar...you show them how to admin and make basic changes...after that they would still have to hire someone new...we provide that as well for Word Press Or any other platform Including Cold Fusion.


          Hope this is a good solution for you. Our clients really like that we do not have to charge so much as other web designers. This is provided the site is generally under 100 pages. Larger sites have been built successfully but in general Muse works good for basic sites. Some very well known large companies use Muse.

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            Ussnorway Adobe Community Professional

            not needed but there is the portal (https://ava-next.worldsecuresystems.com/PartnerPortal/Index.aspx )


            you can do some very cool things in here like make a site into a template or link it up to a team account.

            the up side is the amount of control you get to the back end code... the down side is Adobe largely ignores it