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    _xmouse on resized movieclip

      I am creating a video player and have a scrub bar which you can click on the timeline to get a point in the video.
      The player is dynamic in size and can be opened at any size you require, set by the movie dimensions in the HTML.
      I have the controls for the player resizing and positioning dynamically with the width of the movie, so the scrub bar is dynamically changed in length.
      Everything works except when I click on the bar and retrieve the _xmouse position is is still returning the original coordinates of the movieclip, its size when created.
      The width of the bar in pixels is being returned correctly when I check, it is just the _xmouse coordinates which are returning original values.

      e.g. (for ease I have rounded things up)
      If I increase the width of the movieclip from its original 400px to 800px wide, when I click 3/4 of the way along the resized movieclip I get a result of 300px instead of 600px.

      Do I have to reset something?