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    Creative Cloud Problems


      Hi There


      I have purchased all the apps and installed the Creative Cloud Desktop App. I work in remote places and sometimes have no internet or cell signal. This has caused a huge problem with using this new Adobe way of doing things. I thought that I would still be able to use the programs offline...as that is what was told to me...however that seems to not be the case every 30 days. 


      Let me get straight to it:

      1) I couldn't use any of the apps because they kept on saying I was on trial version when I was not. I contacted Adobe Support, where after much frustration and time, they informed me that every 30 days, I have to go online and update the applicaitons in order to use them. WHY? WHY do I HAVE TO update every 30 days and be forced not to be able to use ANY of the applications untill I have done so?? I don't understand. This has caused a lot of distress as I was unable to get work done and had to install older programs to actually do what I needed to do.


      Please can someone explain to me why Adobe has decided to make such a stupid decision? Is their any way to solve this problem?


      2) I always have to sign into the Desktop App as it always logs me out whenever it feels like it. It's very frustrating because I always have to log in (and with internet issues...again..this becomes a problem.) Is there no way of staying logged in all the time??

      I have also ticked the box saying 'don't ask me again' in regards to the two step verification however EVERYTIME I have to log in, it asks for a code. This is also a problem when I don't have signal in an area.


      Any explainations and solutions welcome and appreciated. Adobe Support was less than helpful.


      Kind Regards