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    How do you lay out a scene?


      Okay, maybe I'm an idiot, but when I drag a puppet into a scene, I can't figure out how to do basic things like scale and resize or even position the puppet in a scene. As well, I want to add background images / objects / videos to the scene. But I can't seem to figure out any of the basics one would expect with scene layout. What gives?

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          bruceb9981 Level 1

          Make sure your puppet is selected in the timeline, then in the properties panel open up the transform tab and you'll find scale and move on x and y axis. You can use control panel to set parameters for recording, but you have to do the transforming during recording. I prefer to use After Effects for this. As far as adding images and objects, if you import them, just drag them into the timeline. They will show up in order from front on top to farthest back on bottom.

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            matthewdl Level 1

            bruceb9981 Thanks, I figured it out eventually that I could drag / edit those transform controls. Just seems like a silly oversight to not be able to have an edit / positioning mode for the scene where I could interact directly with objects.