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    Problems using onMouseMove

      Hi, my name is Oscar and now I'm trying to develop a project but I'm crashing through an unexpected wall. In my design, I need lock/hidden the mouse and leave it go into a square just for two places. Well I used onMouseMove event and some variables to get this effect, so it run good when I have just one square but I need four on my screen. When I put them together, the effect works fine with the first one, but it don't work with the others because the mouse cursor is visible at same with the fake-cursor (the last one mimics a locked cursor) when it could be not visible. I'm using instances of the same movie clip, I have Macromedia Flash 8 and all my code is write with ActionScript 2.
      Please, you can send me your tips/suggest to: oscaralderete@walla.com
      Best regards, thanks.