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    First time ever occurrence editing text

    Deaf Mike Level 1

      I use PSD CC daily at work and home.  I just loaded CC Cloud on my new machine.  I'm now editing text.  On other machines when I point to the text size dropdown (e.g., 12 pt) and slide the mouse to enlarge or reduce the size, you can visually see it on the screen shrinking or growing.


      But on this new machine its not doing that - when I shrink or enlarge the text I actually have to stop sliding to see how large or small it looks. This also does this when I adjust the line spacing - on other machines, when I slide the size, you can see the spacing grow wider or smaller.  Not so on the new machine - I have to slide then stop sliding to see it.


      I'm not sure if this is my new machine (Dell Inspiron 5000 Series) or the software or what.


      Please advise and thanks.