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    Not able to autorise second e-reader, and after de-connection of first e-reader re-autorisation is not possible


      I want to connect 2 e-readers to one adobe ID via Adobe Digital Editions.

      Autorisation of the second e-reader failed. First we thought that it was related to the e-reader so we returned it to the shop and got a new one.

      Also autorisation of that one failed. We tried what would happen when both would be connected to the computer at the same time. Still that did not worked so we tried what would happen when we would remove the autorisation for the first (working) e-reader. Unfortunatly after that also the first e-reader could not autorisied anymore.


      The two e-readers are of the same type. Pocketbook 626. One is shown in Adobe as "PB626". The other "Pocket626".


      Any suggestions to solve this?