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    Why use InDesign?


      So I'm using Photoshop, and the Text tool is vector, and as far as the canvas is big enough so the typed text don't pixelate and render the picture in high resolution, THEN I can't see why I should use InDesign?


      YES Indesign have a lot more text tool options, but for my needs, I don't have to warp and do crazy advanced text tool stuff.


      In this case why would you use Indesign?

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          gener7 Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          InDesign is a page layout tool for books, magazines and e-pubs. If you are not involved in desktop publishing, you don't need it.


          Photoshop prepare images for InDesign, but it's an Image Editor and not a Page Layout tool.

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            thomasRPho Level 1

            Oh I just heard that InDesign should Always be the program you should do the text to your graphic meterial in. And that sounded a little strange to me :/


            So Thank you, yes, Photoshop needs pages, and then InDesign becomes useful for that for example

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              gener7 Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              No. Photoshop does not accept InDesign page files.


              Ok, so what technical help do you need with Photoshop? That's what this forum is for.


              InDesign questions go here: InDesign

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                thomasRPho Level 1

                I just had that question, it just auto-suggested Photoshop general discussion, but my question covers both programs.


                And it is answered, and I'm happy now

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                  Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

                  Wow.  There could hardly be more difference.  You mention text alignment, and there is some irony in that as Photoshop can align text inside a shape layer, but InDesign does it so much better.  InDesign comes into its own when producing multi page publications, or even multi column on the same page, by allowing you to edit text which and have it automatically flow into, or back from, the next page or column.  The relevant text boxes can be pages apart as well.  InDesign can publish interactive PDF documents with live links.  It is orders of magnitude better than the likes of MS Word for placing images on the page, and managing them afterwards.  It goes on and on an on.


                  If I was producing an image rich single page though, I'd probably be using Photoshop because of its layer structure, abilities to blend between images, and you can still output to PDF (using the High Quality Print preset) with the same fully scalable capability for vector content.  Just remember to keep all layers intact, and don't hide any vector layers beneath copy merged raster layers.