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    Problem with Trial!!

    GenePilot Level 1
      I get the following message when I select 30 day trial:


      A problem was encountered while trying to load the tiral period for Adobe Director 11.

      I tried reinstalling it, but that didn't fix it!

      I'm on an XP machine with all current updates.
      I do have an earlier version of Director installed (mx).

      This is idiotic and can seriously impact my decision to upgrade to version 11 (along with other team members on the project).
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          Level 7
          Did you check the Director support page at Adobe?
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            Martin Schaefer Level 1
            This problem exists since day 1 of Director 11 (March, 25) and there's still no fix or updated trial version available. Sad to say that, but it's the bitter truth.
            Won't help you much, but you're not alone.

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              GenePilot Level 1
              Thanks for the response, Martin.

              I have tremendous respect for Adobe and was glad when they bought Macromedia because I assumed that they would clean up the problems that Plagued the otherwise good products from Macromedia.

              I really hope that this isn't a sign that Adobe is dropping the ball on Director!

              It's really stupid to release a trial product to get people to try something out then have it absolutely FAIL when they try it!

              I have been using Director since 1993 and have never seen such a basic failure as this!
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                Martin Schaefer Level 1
                Gene, as much as I'm angry about these problems and Adobe's ignorance, I have to tell you that this isn't a Director specific problem.

                Same problems exist for the complete CS3 suite of software and you'll find a lot of users' complaints when searching Google.

                Don't take this as a sign of dropping the ball on Director.
                If you need something to worry about in terms of Director, then have a look at bug reports esp. text handling and rendering and the ongoing lack of open communication.

                Hope you'll find a way to try and explore D11 on your own, but for the sake of your mental health ... don't expect to many positive miracles. :)

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                  If you have a spare computer around that has not had CS3 products on it, the D11 trial is more likely to install properly.

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                    GenePilot Level 1
                    I have CS3 products installed on all of my computers.
                    Also, it takes about 12 dedicated hours to reinstall my OS and all of my programs for doing work so that is not an option.

                    Seems like Adobe really screwed the pooch on this one! I KNOW that it wouldn't be that hard for them to fix the problem but apparently they don't want to go to the trouble. They may think that the percentage of people with this problem is small but most Director Authors moved to Flash and would likely have Flash CS3 installed.