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    Smoother Blending?


      I have been having difficulty getting a smooth blend over time, i.e., fading an image out. The transitions appear to be "stepping" through the gradient, rather than fading smoothly from 100% tp 0%. I have tried different settings within "Copy", "Blend" and "Transparency" but nothing I attempt seems to address the clunky look of an awkward segue.

      I welcome any tips or advice.


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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant
          How are you making this fade? Are you using Lingo, or are you using the score, or are you using a built in transition, or are you using a third party transition?
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            dqmedia Level 1
            Hi Rob,

            Thanks for responding. I have moved a cast member to the stage and then set the blend up in a sprite using the settings in the Property Inspector.


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              Level 7
              Over how many frames does it blend? If you have the blend go from 100
              to 0 in 3 frames, it will not be very smooth...

              Depending upon how you have your program setup, it may be advantageious
              to do the blend in Lingo. This will do it for example. Put this on the
              sprite that will fade. Where it has "blend-1", you can change that to
              any whole integer and it will speed up the fade (put in a 2 and it will
              double the fade speed).

              property pFade
              on beginSprite me

              on enterFrame me
              if pFade then
              if sprite(me.spriteNum).blend<=0 then
              end if
              end if
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                dqmedia Level 1
                Hi Mike,

                Thanks for this advice. I will give it a try. Yes, it is a very short fade 5-10 frames--just to take the edge off a transition.