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    About Hidding Comment by JavaScript

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      I'm using comment as a on fly help system for my forms, but my question is are there any way to hide my comments (All of them) so i can make a button for the user to hide or show the comments , thanks in advance

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          Thom Parker Adobe Community Professional

          Comments are a type of PDF annotation, and all annotation objects have a hidden property. So you can hide and show any annotation, as long as you know it's name.


          Here's the JS reference entry for the Annot Object

          Acrobat DC SDK Documentation


          The annot name is created automatically. It is not accessible from the Acrobat UI. You can only get it with JavaScript. I would suggest using the "this.selectedAnnots" property to reset the names of your help annots, with this process.


          1. Select a comment object on the PDF page

          2. Run this code in the console window while the comment it selected.


          this.selectedAnnots[0].name = "MyHelpName";


          Then you can use the name to show the comment.


          this.getAnnot("MyHelpName").hidden = false;

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            Thank you as much as i can