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    How do I install plugin and ACTUALLY get it to work?


      Hello All,

      I am sorry to have to ask but I have read all I can read and do not know where else to look.

      I have my web pages built. ( I'm only using my index.html currently for test ) I have my development tools installed.

      I have an new install of "Hello World" Cordova all I have installed all the plugins I think I need. ( All standard defacto plugins listed on Cordova Site )

      I moved my index.html to www, but added my device ready code and a few other small bits of code.) ( I can revert to the full "Hello World" index.html page

      so we can eliminate a possibility of error on my part if needed for testing)

      *Cordova prepare,  Cordova build, Cordova Plugin list alll seem to list and appear functional.

      I'm a bit confused if there is anything additional I need to do with:

      config.xml, plugin.xml, androidmanifest.xml files?

      I did my build ( Only for Android at this time).

      PLUGIN: I am trying to have a button launch the camera device.

      Or if someone is willing to help me getting a simpler  plugin example working that would be good also.

      Here is where I need help.

      I need help getting the code from html-to-plugin to work.

      1. I am unclear as to what code I use?
      2. Where I put the code?
      3. What the html code needs to look like?
      4. What directory the code needs to be in prior to the build so it works correctly after build in .apk app package


      I think I am unclear as to what code needs to go in my index.html file, js/ directory, etc... so I can get the html-plugin-to-hardware talking and functioning correctly.

      Thank You,