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    Uninstall Photoshop CC 2018

    annonshp Level 1

      Problem: There is no option to Uninstall Adobe products in the Adobe CC tool.


      I want to uninstall Ps CC 2018, Lr Classic CC (2018) and Adobe CC. I have read the instructions at

      Uninstall or remove Creative Cloud apps

      however, there is no "Uninstall" option listed as described in step #3. (The only options listed are "Learn More", "View Tutorials" and "Other Versions".)


      I do not want to damage the PC the adobe products are currently installed on.


      Photoshop CC 2018 has not been working for me for awhile (separately reported - I gave up and started using DxO + NIK). I'd like to move the licenses for these products onto an old backup PC by performing the graceful uninstall using Adobe Creative Cloud (or some other way that Adobe likes), but I do not see a way to do it.


      I am logged in as an Administrator on Win 10 Home (64-bit) and on Adobe.com.


      Anyone have any suggestions? Is there some other way to uninstall the Adobe products?




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          annonshp Level 1



          1. Click  "Update All"


          2. Click the arrow and select "Uninstall" option for each product

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            katesviolin Level 1

            I'm having the same problem except with Bridge. There is no option to Uninstall. I tried using the Uninstall in the Adobe Bridge folder but it's an alias & is telling me to fix or delete it - I can't fix it because I can't finds the actual uninstall for bridge! I can't update all because I don't have any programs to update except bridge, and that is just telling me 'installation failed'. I click 'learn more' but it doesn't help me, it just tells me about the error code, which is no use. There must be a way of unistalling Bridge without the uninstall app? Help!!!!!

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              annonshp Level 1

              Here the fool-proof, if longer, solution: a clean install.


              Adobe left remnants of older versions and products around after uninstalls. That turned out to be a problem later on for me. The fool-proof answer is a clean install or system rebuild. This way, the older SW never gets installed in the first place. It's a long day, but worth it in my case.


              My Check-list

              1. Inventory software
                What do you need to reinstall?
              2. Verify install kit availability? Download or URL
                Where are the install kits? Remember drivers for odd/old devices.
              3. Recover and verify SW keys and registration codes
                How will you unlock the SW?
              4. Backup or image the C: drive – documents, files, settings, preferences, etc.
                How will you recreate your information, environment?
              5. Unregister – then uninstall applications: “recover” right to use application on computer
                How will you deal with “right to install on 2 computers” licenses?
              6. Build an OS install kit
              7. Format & Partition Disk
                Suggest a new drive; use old C drive for backup in step 4.
              8. Reinstall OS
              9. Reinstall and unlock applications
              10. Recover your files, documents, settings, etc.
              11. Test
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                arzua72130016 Level 1

                You have to update photoshop to uninstall it.


                and here's my problem.

                I need extra space in my hardrive, so I'm trying to uninstall photoshop, but I can't uninstall it without the update. Bu I can't update it, because I don't have enough space in my drive!  it's like chicken and egg problem. I'm uninstalling other programs to make space in order to update and uninstall photoshop. 


                indeed adobe, this has been a really inspiring journey.

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                  omars93897280 Level 1
                  1. i did get my required app for uninstall in the list so how i uninstall