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    Uninstall Photoshop CC 2018

    annonshp Level 1

      Problem: There is no option to Uninstall Adobe products in the Adobe CC tool.


      I want to uninstall Ps CC 2018, Lr Classic CC (2018) and Adobe CC. I have read the instructions at

      Uninstall or remove Creative Cloud apps

      however, there is no "Uninstall" option listed as described in step #3. (The only options listed are "Learn More", "View Tutorials" and "Other Versions".)


      I do not want to damage the PC the adobe products are currently installed on.


      Photoshop CC 2018 has not been working for me for awhile (separately reported - I gave up and started using DxO + NIK). I'd like to move the licenses for these products onto an old backup PC by performing the graceful uninstall using Adobe Creative Cloud (or some other way that Adobe likes), but I do not see a way to do it.


      I am logged in as an Administrator on Win 10 Home (64-bit) and on Adobe.com.


      Anyone have any suggestions? Is there some other way to uninstall the Adobe products?




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          annonshp Level 1



          1. Click  "Update All"


          2. Click the arrow and select "Uninstall" option for each product

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            katesviolin Level 1

            I'm having the same problem except with Bridge. There is no option to Uninstall. I tried using the Uninstall in the Adobe Bridge folder but it's an alias & is telling me to fix or delete it - I can't fix it because I can't finds the actual uninstall for bridge! I can't update all because I don't have any programs to update except bridge, and that is just telling me 'installation failed'. I click 'learn more' but it doesn't help me, it just tells me about the error code, which is no use. There must be a way of unistalling Bridge without the uninstall app? Help!!!!!

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              annonshp Level 1

              Here the fool-proof, if longer, solution: a clean install.


              Adobe left remnants of older versions and products around after uninstalls. That turned out to be a problem later on for me. The fool-proof answer is a clean install or system rebuild. This way, the older SW never gets installed in the first place. It's a long day, but worth it in my case.


              My Check-list

              1. Inventory software
                What do you need to reinstall?
              2. Verify install kit availability? Download or URL
                Where are the install kits? Remember drivers for odd/old devices.
              3. Recover and verify SW keys and registration codes
                How will you unlock the SW?
              4. Backup or image the C: drive – documents, files, settings, preferences, etc.
                How will you recreate your information, environment?
              5. Unregister – then uninstall applications: “recover” right to use application on computer
                How will you deal with “right to install on 2 computers” licenses?
              6. Build an OS install kit
              7. Format & Partition Disk
                Suggest a new drive; use old C drive for backup in step 4.
              8. Reinstall OS
              9. Reinstall and unlock applications
              10. Recover your files, documents, settings, etc.
              11. Test