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    Billing problem




      I don't know why but on my last invoice i only have my name and country. In my profil i have a company name a vat number and in my billing information full company adress. Is this normal ? Invoice like this is a big problem for me, i paying for subscription from my company account and i need correct invoice for it.


      Next thing: When i asked on support for invoice correction they told me there is no option. Why ? I pay from eu to eu and invoice correction is normal accounting operation.


      If i have all my data in my account, another invoice will be the same (only name and country) ?



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          Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee

          Hi there,


          I apologize for the poor support experience.


          In order to help you better, will you help me with the case reference number for your interaction with support?

          I can help you in getting the issue resolved.




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