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    Restore old brush panel?

    ethandale Level 1

      So for some reason, with my new install of photoshop on my desktop, the brush panel has everything grouped into these annoying folders. I used to have them all in a giant grid that just showed the brush "tip," or I could change it to say the name or the stroke thumbnail as well. Now they're in these obnoxious folders. How can I get back to my grid view? Thanks!


      EDIT: Also, a lot of brushes are missing. The pencils, crayons, markers...I tried resetting to default, and I still only have about 30 brushes.

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          davescm Adobe Community Professional



          To take your questions in turn:



          You can click and drag brushes in/out out of the folders or you can leave them in but use Ctrl+Alt+Click on the arrow next ta folder to open up all the folders (Ctrl+Alt+Click again closes them all)




          What is displayed

          Click on the drop down menu at the top right of the brushes folder and choose what options you want to display. You can alter the size using the slider at the bottom


          To load the legacy brushes - from the same drop down menu choose Legacy Brushes



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            Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

            It's always worth checking Julianne Kost's blog when after new major releases. She tells you how to restore the old brush panel, but take a few minutes to watch this.


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              Thanks for your reply, yes.. all content in this video is fairly obvious when using the application - it still doesn't restore my brushes to how they once were. Which is extremely frustrating and annoying.

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                sharbar25852 Level 1

                Yup - pretty basic stuff - thanks though.. still doesn't restore my brush panel to what it once was

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                  Yibing Tan

                  This is kind of late but I had this problem too and I found a workaround. Go to Preset Manager in your brushes and drag out all the brushes from the folders. Then proceed to delete the folders. Now you can go back out, and uncheck "Brush name", "Brush stroke", "Show additional preset info" and "Show recent brushes". It should more or less look the same as what you used to use now.


                  As for the missing brushes...I did the same thing as davescm did, and then did what I did above to uhh remove the folders. Hope this helped!