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    What PC to get to run Premiere 2018

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      Hi there sorry for the dumb post but I'm looking to get Premiere and am very unsure on what pc to get that can handle the program. I won't be using it commercially at least to start with so it will be more of a hobby for short films. I don't think I'm tech savvy enough to build my own so I was looking to buy my own and potentially upgrade as I go. im looking to spend around £900 and no more than £1000. Would something like this get me by? Intel Core I7 7700 HD Gaming PC 1tb HDD 16gb DDR4 2133Mhz Punisher Computer

      I really appreciate anyone whose read this and is willing to help.


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          RjL190365 Level 5

          That PC is not a good choice because it has no discrete GPU, no SSD and only a single hard drive which is way slower than any SSD - one that is used for the OS and programs. If you use that for the projects and media as well, because that same disk is also being utilized for OS and maintenance tasks, you will never attain any faster than 32 MB/second worth of disk I/O performance when you run a benchmark run such as Bill Gehrke's PPBM test (whereas the typical system with two or more disks,with all of them being SATA SSDs, can achieve 500 MB/second in disk I/O performance in these same benchmark exports).


          On top of that, it is expensive for what you get, due in large part to today's very high prices of RAM. And then, since it has no OS at all, you will have to purchase and install Windows 10 just to even run anything at all whatsoever on that PC, thus adding even more to the already high cost of that particular PC. And to top it off, any component upgrades that are needed just to bring that system's performance up to par for that CPU class would have blown that PC's cost over your maximum budget.


          Also, the H110 chipset is extremely limited with regards to expansion capability: It doesn't support m.2, and its six PCIe lanes (the ones controlled by the chipset) are only PCIe 2.0 compliant (whereas higher-end chipsets have PCIe lanes that are fully PCIe 3.0 compliant).

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            Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

            I have to agree with the the above.

            Let me do some thinking

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              I would like to follow on my previous post in this thread. In your price range for an entire PC build you're pretty much trapped between a rock and a hard place, given the very high cost of computer RAM these days: You'd end up with either a woefully imbalanced configuration (too much CPU and too little everything else) or a weakling CPU (which cannot be compensated for by upgraded anything else).


              With that said and done, I would not have minded such a lopsided component balance on that originally linked configuration had the builder chosen to use an H270 or a Z270 chipset based motherboard. (After all, it is much easier to add upgraded components to a system with a higher-end motherboard than it is to swap out an el-cheapo motherboard for a better one just to accommodate such a significant component upgrade.) The H110 chipset that it ended up choosing is much too limiting, IMHO.