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    Batch Image Processor

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      Hi, Is anyone else having issues in the latest update of Bridge and Photoshop with the image processor side of things ?

      I do alot of quick edits for clients in Bridge than head over to PS File> Scripts> Image Processor. From here I select a folder to process and it should process the files with the adjustments made in bridge i.e. saturation, contrast, sharpening and save them into a JPEG folder. However this isn't happening anymore, they process but without any corrections/edits. Have i missed a new step along the way with the latest update? Thanks everyone

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          I believe you are having a problem with your workflow.  It would not be possible for a Photoshop Script like Image Processor to remove or undo adjustment that are in a flat jpeg file.  If your Image Processor output Image files are missing adjustment and sharpening you made in Adobe bridge. The jpeg you created in the bridge must not have the adjustment saved into them or if they do some action you included in the Image Processor run adjusted and blurred these jpeg image files processed by the Image Processor script. 


          If you are processing RAW files in Adobe Bridge and only setting ACR and making local adjustment in ACR then use ACR done to save out ACR settings for these RAW files.  When you Process the RAW files with the Image Processor Script  ACR should Apply the ACR setting you crreated for the RAW files.  If you are using ACR sidecar Files if you copy Your RAW files to a new folder you must also copy their associated Sidecar files.   If  you use Image Processor to process RAW files you copied to some folder for processing.   If the sidecar files are not in this folder ACR will apply  your Camera ACR Camera Raw default settings not the setting you made in ACR from the Bridge.  The copied RAW files would have no existing ACR settings.