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    Choosing 13 inch convertible laptop

    EvaMI Level 1

      I would like some advice from the Adobe community on choosing a small laptop that can be used as a tablet. My research has led me to the

      HP Spectre x360 Convertible Laptop-13t touch.

      Windows Home 64 with ink

      Intel Core i7 75000

      16GB Memory

      1920X1080 Display WLED backlit touch screen

      360GB SSD

      Stylus Pen

      Price $1020


      This would not be a replacement for my desktop but one to use while traveling so I can work on travel photos: scenic, wildflower close-ups, etc.

      Would I be pleased with this computer? If not, can you suggest an alternative. Small is important.


      Thanks to all the experts in this forum! You have helped me over the years since I first purchased version 1 of Photoshop Elements.