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    Epson 4880 - Way too dark prints


      I have an Epson 4880 printer that is printing way too dark. Which I've tried for a long time finding a solution for.

      I'm using windows 10 but I've tried using windows 7, windows xp through virtualbox and OSX from an laptop. But get same result.

      Here is the image I've tried printing: (I printed it using ACPU: https://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/kb/no-color-management-option-missing.html)


      And here is the result I get:


      (sorry for the low quality of the photo)

      The above image is printed with the Epson 4880 and the lower one is from an Epson 1500w which seems to do a good result.

      I have sent the above sample for profiling but it was too off to make a profile that worked. The profile came out with a yellowish hue.

      It feels like I've tried everything and spent hours on google, trying to find a solution. But can't manage to get this solved.

      Anyone having any suggestions what could be wrong?

      Thanks in advance.