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    The Adobe Flash plugin has crashed on Firefox 57.


      Starting a few weeks ago, whenever I try to go to any website that uses Flash on Firefox, I get the error screen "The Adobe Flash plugin has crashed. Reload the page to try again."


      I figured it was a temporary issue, but when Firefox updated and it didn't fix the issue, I tried some troubleshooting.


      I tried completely uninstalling Adobe Flash Player 27 NPAPI and reinstalling.

      I tried completely uninstalling Firefox and reinstalling.


      Checked Internet Explorer 11. It works there.

      Tried my laptop, and found the same version of Flash on the same version of Firefox works fine.


      I'm using Windows 10 Home.


      If I go to Flash Player Help  on Step 5 it gives the same error there as on any other webpage I try with Flash.


      Any ideas what could have caused this problem?