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    Feel Healthy: Capture Nature Images!

    Brian Stoppee Adobe Community Professional

      Nature Photographers and Illustrators Have the Secret to Better Health. Their work could be classified as “Ecotherapy.”  There’s medical evidence that taking a walk in the woods assists with issues of depression and motivation. 50 doctors in 11 states prescribe it to patients and there’s signs of it working.


      So, that being the case, how does getting out in nature and capturing all that ecological beauty sound? Take a Digital Single Lens Reflex (dSLR) camera, HD movie camera, audio recording devices, or iPad/stylus.


      Your assignment? Try it!


      If you need more convincing, watch this 2 minute piece:

      https://www.nbcnews.com/health/health-news/dose-nature-doctors-prescribe-day-park-anxiety- n823421